Implementing gathered experience and high potential


On November 5, 2020, CMK celebrated the 80th anniversary. Today CMK is one of the leaders in special metallurgy and is among the most technically modern enterprises in the metallurgic industry. The day before the special date, the Director General of the company, Vitaly Shmelev, told about the enterprise achievements and its development prospects.

- Vitaly Petrovich, could you, please, tell us about the anniversary that the enterprise you are the leader of has approached.

– CMK celebrates a memorable date, its 80th anniversary.

CMK history includes achievements and accomplishments, breakthroughs and new industrial frontiers, courageous steps forward and confident development, continuous improvement of production processes, and expansion of sales territory. The Order of Lenin on the plant colors is an appreciation of the labor of all employees: those who worked in the hardest times of the Great Patriotic War and mastered new types of production in peacetime.

Currently, the enterprise entered a new stage of development, and we have kept and multiplied the labor achievements of our veterans. We are sure that the glorious traditions of our company will continue to develop. We have everything we need for that.

– Any significant milestone is a start for new accomplishments. Is the enterprise ready for them?

– Of course, it is ready. Currently, the company is a modern high-tech enterprise that unites several production complexes: production of a wide range of products made of heat-resistant nickel and titanium alloys, special steels, production of nickel and titanium alloy powders for additive technologies, production of discs and shafts using granule metallurgy technology.Each field has a closed production cycle: from the smelting of the initial workpiece to the final mechanical processing of the finished product and a full range of control tests of products using high-precision automated equipment.

In the production workshops of the company, modern equipment is installed, the latest technologies are used to improve the quality of each product manufactured at CMK, working conditions are continuously being improved due to the application of automated production processes and creation of comfortable conditions for employees working in administrative and production premises.

– What potential and achievements does CMK celebrate this remarkable anniversary with?

– Now, the company is at a new development stage: the technical re-equipment of main workshops has been completed. It allowed to increase production volumes and diversify the range of products made of heat-resistant nickel, titanium alloys, and special steels, nonferrous powder metallurgy, and improve the quality of finished products.

The enterprise has ring-roll production and casting and smelting complex that includes the latest generation furnaces of foreign manufacture: vacuum-induction furnaces, vacuum arc furnaces, electroslag remelting furnaces.

This equipment allowed us to receive nickel alloys of high quality, using triplexing as well. Currently, it is the most modern technology in the world.

A new arc steel-making furnace for special steel smelting was commissioned.

Press forging was significantly improved: presses were modernized, heating high-temperature furnaces, manipulators, and lifting-turning tables integrated with the press were commissioned, mechanical processing was improved, a lot of new CNC machines, including processing centers, were mastered. Production of powders for additive technologies from iron-nickel and titanium alloys is developing. A screening unit for titanium powder with ultrasound assistance and simultaneous magnetic separation of the material was commissioned.

CMK products pass all types of tests required by the regulation, and we created all conditions for these tests. We continue test center modernization aimed at mastering new equipment. The research base structure has changed; matters of scientific and technical development were not put in the background: we develop new technologies and improve the existing ones, simulate processes, master new products, conduct the necessary researches.

– What is the main company’s value?

– The main company’s value is professional employees who improve their skills and share their experience with the next generations. The distinctive feature of CMK is the balance between energy and enthusiasm of young people and experience and deep special knowledge of “masters” of metallurgy. The company is justifiably proud of its veterans: for years, they have been mastering the secrets of metallurgy, implemented new technologies, shared their experience with young employees who, in their turn, are effectively combining the most modern technological and digital solutions with the practices of the older generations.

– Implementation of this philosophy allowed CMK to gain considerable prestige and become a leading participant in serious programs...

– Yes, for many years, the company has been actively participating in development programs for domestic engine building. CMK has successfully developed technologies and created a new special alloy designed for manufacturing highly-loaded large workpieces for engine discs ПД-35.

Application of discs made of the new super heat-resistant alloy allows increasing the engine service life by 1.5 and reliability of main parts and the engine as a whole. The company also participates in the production of engine ПД-14 installed in civil aircraft МС-21-300. CMK specialists produced a batch of parts that successfully passed the tests. Thus we again proved the efficiency and high quality of each product manufactured by our company.

In short, the enterprise has both feet firmly on the ground. We have ambitious plans, good prospects, and all thanks to the things that were put into the foundation by the labor of many generations of Stupino metallurgists.

Today everything depends on us. We must continue efficient work as a team and move towards all set goals that we will certainly achieve!

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