Wrought nickel base alloy parts

CMK manufactures disks, shafts, and part of other complex shapes for the structure of the gas turbine engine: high-pressure compressor, low pressure compressor, low-pressure turbine and high-pressure turbine.

The products are supplied semi finish machined.

DIA: up to 1,200 mm / 47,2”
Weight: up to 700 kg / 1,550 lbs

Shafts and parts of other sophisticated shapes: DIA: up to 1,000 mm / 40”
Weight: up to 700 kg / 1,550 lbs

Alloys: ЭИ437БУ-ВД, ЭИ698-ВД, ВЖ136-ВД, ЭП742-ИД, ЭК79-ИД, ЭК151-ИД, ВЖ175-ИД, etc.