Forged rods and billets

The forged rods and billets manufactured by CMK are used for subsequent hot treatment, fabrication of These parts are then used in the gas turbine engines both industrial engines, marine engines, and aircraft engines, as well as in gas pumping stations an

The semi-finished rods and billets are supplied machined, ultrasonic inspected and macrostructure and other mechanical tests.

Forging blanks for the following processes:

Double melting (VIM+VAR); (VIM+ESR)
Triple melting (VIM+ESR+VAR) DIAfrom 120 up to 350 mm
Lengthup to 4,000 mm; weight up to 3,000 kg
Machined surface

Alloys: ВЖ136-ВД, ВЖ159-ИД, ЭИ437БУ-ВД, ЭИ698-ВД, ЭП648-ИД, ЭП708-ВД, ЭП718-ИД, etc.