Charge blanks for precision casting

The billets resulted from the vacuum induction melting are of specified chemical composition and used for fabrication of shaped castings for gas turbine engine such as blades, body elements, shutters, and combustion chamber parts.

Vacuum Induction Melting
65, 90, and 110 mm
Length: 500-850 mm
* other dimensions upon request

Alloys: ЖС6У-ВИ, ЖС6К-ВИ, ЖС6Ф-ВИ, ВЖЛ1-ВИ, ВХ4Л-ВИ, ВКНА4-ВИ, ЖС32-ВИ, ЖС30-ВИ, ВЖЛ12Э-ВИ, ВЖЛ12У-ВИ, ЧС70-ВИ, etc.