Forged and rolled rods

Forged and rolled titanium rods are manufactured from the ingots by forging followed by machining. Titanium alloy rods are used in the production of components for nuclear industry, oilfield, and mechanical engineering.

Forging blanks for further hot treatment
ASTM В 348, forged rods and billets
DIA: 90-220 mm
Length: up to 4,000 mm
Weight: up to 670 kg


pure titanium, structural and heat-resistant titanium alloys as per GOST, OST, and ASTM:

Вт1-0, От4, От4-0, От 4-1, Вт5, Вт5-1, Эт3, Эт5, Пт-1М, Пт-7М, Пт-3В, 2В, 3М, 5В, Вт6, Вт3-1, Вт8, Вт8-1, Вт9, Вт14, Вт16, Вт18у, Вт20, Вт21, Вт22, Вт23, Вт25, Вт25у, Alloy19, and Alloy37.

Grade1, Grade2, Grade4, Grade5, Grade9, Grade12, Grade23.