Titanium ingots are produced by single, double, and triple vacuum arc re-melting processes. Based on the application, the ingots of pure titanium of structural and heat-resistant titanium alloy grades can be manufactured.

Single re-melt

DIA: 270 mm
Length: 800 mm/br> Weight: 175 kg

Double re-melt

DIA: 340-350 mm
Length: 1200 mm
Weight: 500 kg

Triple re-melt

DIA: 440 mm
Length: 1350 mm
Weight: 900 kg


Pure titanium, structural and heat-resistant titanium alloys as per GOST, OST, and ASTM:

Вт1-00, Вт1-0, От4, От4-0, От 4-1, Вт5, Вт5-1, Эт3, Эт5, Пт-1М, Пт-7М, Пт-3В, 2В, 3М, 5В, Вт6, Вт3-1, Вт8, Вт8-1, Вт9, Вт14, Вт16, Вт18у, Вт20, Вт21, Вт22, Вт23, Вт25, Вт25у, Alloy19, Alloy37.

Grade1, Grade2, Grade4, Grade5, Grade9, Grade12, Grade23.